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Anthony Harris:want to play for Vikings

As we get closer to opening up the free agent market, Anthony Harris, the security guard, is bullish.

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After Denver Mustang used the privileged player label to security guard Justin Simmons, Harris has become the “heavyweight target” of his position in the free player market. If the Vikings can’t renew his contract, other teams may offer him a new contract with an average annual contract of $14 million.

But the Vikings have cut a number of people to free up pay space, and Harris is willing to stay on the team.

“Yes, if everything goes well – from top to bottom, from the boss to the coach to the dressing room to the culture they have to think about the team. I definitely want to stay here and play, “Harris said. “I love Minneapolis, I love this team, it’s a great city. The people there are really friendly. This team is very competitive, so I think they have everything I want, if possible, I want to stay.

Harris, who is good at passing defense, scored 91.1 on the Professional Football Focus Network last season, the highest scoring security guard. He and Simmons are the only two security guards with a score of more than 90.

Harris, who entered the league as a rookie, has become one of the league’s top players. Despite his unexpected failure to make the professional bowl last season, he made the league’s top six steals and completed 60 tackles and 11 broken passes.

After both Harris and the Vikings have proved to be fit for each other, the question is whether the Vikings will be able to make the contract Harris wants. After a series of layoffs, their pay space is still only $20.7 million.