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Cincinnati Bengals may use the privileged player tag on A.J. Green

The Cincinnati Bengals now plan to take over A.J. green as a privileged player, people familiar with the matter told ESPN.

People familiar with the matter said Cincinnati Bengals wanted A.J. Green to play for the team in the 2020 season, whether using privileged player tag or signing a long contract.

The price of the privileged player tag is expected to be about $18.5 million. The two sides can sign a long agreement at the latest on July 15.

Cincinnati Bengals may use the privileged player tag on A.J. Green,NO.18 Jersey,Cincinnati Bengals' Jersey

A.J. Green who turned 32 in July, has been one of Bengals’s best wide receiver since being chosen by Bengals in 2011. He took 8907 yards in his career, ranking fourth in that period. In total, he has 602 catches and achieved 8907 yards and 63 touchdowns, ranking second in the history of the team.

However, he missed the whole 2019 season after a number of injures in his left ankle during his first pre-season training. Since 2016, he has missed 29 games due to injury.

For Bengals , who are widely expected to pick Louisiana State University quarterback Joe burrow in this year’s draft, A.J. Green will be valuable for the offense. During the training camp, Joe Burrow said he hoped A.J. Green would be one of his passing targets if selected by the Bengals. “I think for any rookie quarterback, the more help the better, A.J. has been one of the best players in his position for a long time,” said Joe Burrow.

Of course, if bro does end up being picked by the Bengals, he may have to wait a little longer to train with A.J. Green. In December last year, A.J. Green said he would definitely not take part in the team’s off-season training if the team used the privileged player tag on him. He also said he didn’t have to go to the training camp because he had to get back in shape.

A.J. Green says he can’t jeopardize his long-term future if he doesn’t get a long contract. “The privileged player tag is worth $18 million, so I won’t turn it down,”He said. “But it also means that they are not committed to my future, in which case I have to protect myself.”