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Everson Griffen will leave Minnesota Vikings

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Minnesota Vikings is losing another veteran core player.

Everson Griffen, who has spent 10 years in the team and has been selected into the professional bowl four times, will leave the Vikings.

“We have terminated negotiations with Minnesota because they have to spend money elsewhere and we have now decided to focus on the free agent market,” Griffin’s agent said in a statement.

According to people familiar with the matter, Griffin met two targets last season – making at least six tackles and taking part in at least 57% of the defence, which voided his contract for the remaining three years. Although many player contracts can automatically expire if they meet the conditions, Griffin is one of the only two players in the league who can decide whether to cancel the contract or not.

Griffin should not worry about his family in the NFL, where teams have been looking for cross players. He has made 87 starts in his career, and last season he made 8 tackles and 24 strikes against the quarterback. Griffin ranked fourth in the history of the Vikings with 74.5 tackles, making the most 13 in his career in 2017.

Prior to Griffin, the Vikings defence team had lost a number of players, including linval Joseph, Xavier Rhodes, trae Waynes and McKinsey Alexander, Andrew sendejo and jayron Kearse.