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Los Angeles Chargers gives up on Travis Benjamin

Ian Rapoport, a reporter with NFL television network, said according to people familiar with the matter that Los Angeles Chargers and Travis Benjamin, the outsider, had agreed to go their separate ways. Benjamin will officially become a free player at the beginning of the new league year.

Benjamin renewed his contract with Chargers for one year last year, but it was actually a restructuring. Chargers took this opportunity to reduce his base salary to $1 million in 2019. Last season he only played five games, finished six catches and got 30 yards, so giving up on him may be the best result for both sides.

Los Angeles Chargers gives up on Travis Benjamin,Los Angeles Chargers' Jersey

When he played for Cleveland Browns in 2015, Benjamin made a breakthrough, reaching 966 yards and 5 times as a long-distance threat. He joined Chargers on a four-year contract in 2016. In his first season, he received the ball 677 yards and 4 times to reach the array, with an average of 14.4 yards each time. But after that his performance declined year by year.

After missing 15 games in the past two seasons and struggling to make a difference on the field, I’m afraid that 30-year-old Benjamin is unlikely to win the favor of other teams in the free player market. However, NFL teams always look for wide receivers. In good health, Benjamin has the ability the team needs, and the problem now is that he needs to prove it.