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Philadelphia Eagles makes Jason Peters in free market

After 11 years with the Philadelphia Eagles, Jason Peters may join other teams.

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The Hawks announced Thursday that they will give Peters access to the free market. However, after he becomes a free agent, the team will keep in touch with him.

Manager Howie Roseman declined to respond to the NFL’s contract questions last week, in addition to calling Peters a hall of fame player.

In the free market,Peters is likely to get another big contract from a team looking to strengthen the attacking front. The free agent market is likely to push the Hawks to the next step. According to current reports, if Peters fails to get the contract he wants or find a suitable home, the Hawks may reconsider his return.

The allocation of team resources to the introduction of free agents to strengthen the squad may be the reason why the eagles decided not to renew Peters. In last year’s draft, the Hawks picked offensive interceptor Andre Dillard in the first round, who is expected to be the successor of Peters.

After playing for buffalo in the first five seasons of his career, Peters has been the rock of the Hawks’ attacking front for the past 11 years. He has been selected into the professional bowl nine times in his career. In his health, Peters is still one of the top players in the league. Last season, he was the sixth highest scoring offensive interceptor in the Professional Football Focus Network.

Even if Peters is 38 years old and has a history of injury, many teams who need to strengthen their cutting position may be interested in him.