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Phillip Dorsett:This year will be a free agent with a different mindset

In the offseason last year, when Phillip Dorsett enter the free agent market, his first choice was to return to the New England patriots, which kept him from visiting other teams. What will he do this year?

Phillip Dorsett:This year will be a free agent with a different mindset,New ' England Patriots' Jersey,Phillip Dorsett's Jersey,

“I would say it could be a little different this year,” Dorsett said. “Last year, I decided where I wanted to go. I didn’t think about other options. This year, I know that I have been able to enter the free agent market with an open mind. “

Dorsett doesn’t say that he’s unhappy with patriots. He has won a Super Bowl here and is widely praised for his professionalism and team priority.

“It’s just something I feel I need to be honest with myself,” he said. “The way my role in patriots changed suddenly in the middle of the season… It cost me the chance to play. So in the end, I have to think about the future wisely and make the best decision. “

After losing to the Houston Texans in early December, Dorsett’s playing time and numbers plummeted. In the last four games of the season, he averaged 13.5 attacks per game and made only two catches to get 56 yards. Last season, he made a total of 29 catches and reached 397 yards and 5 times.

He made a 50 yard catch at the end of the regular season against Miami Dolphins, which shows that he still has the ability to finish a long-distance attack, but the reduced chances at the end of the season may mean that the patriots are ready to part with him this year.