Washington Redskins

Redskins uses the privilege player tag on Brandon shelf

Washington Redskins still want to sign a long-term deal with Brandon scherff, but they want to make sure he doesn’t leave after the free agent market opens.

Redskins uses the privilege player tag on Brandon shelf,Redskins' Jersey,Brandon shelf's Jersey,NO.75 Jersey

Redskins used a non exclusive player tag on shelf on Saturday .

Redskins wants to sign a long contract with the three time Professional champion, but in the case of a short time to open the free agent market, Redskins first uses the privilege label as insurance. After being used the non exclusive label, shelf can still negotiate with other teams, but Redskins have the right to match any offer from other teams.

Before redskins changed the blood of the management, they had made a contract for shelf with an average annual salary of more than $13 million. That’s not much more than the salary of the last year of shelf’s rookie contract, and it’s less than the annual salary of Dallas Cowboy guard Zack Martin and Jacksonville Jaguar guard Andrew Norwell.

We don’t know if Redskins’ new management has raised their offer, or if shelf is willing to stay at Redskins, but we can be sure that unless Redskins trade him, he will play for Redskins in 2020.