Tennessee Titans

Ryan Tannehill want to play for Tennessee Titans

Ryan Tannehill’s future will soon usher in a huge turning point.

His future is still unknown. He may return to Tennessee Titans, or join other teams.

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“I like what we did there last season,” Tannehill said on a radio show. “The players and I want to come back. We’ll see what happens. Obviously, it depends on the last two weeks here. There are a lot of renegotiations that will determine our position. We’ll see. No matter what happens, it’s going to be an exciting two weeks. “

During the offseason last year, Tannehill was abandoned by the Miami Dolphins due to a history of injuries and erratic performance. Titans traded him in as a backup quarterback.

And there’s a key word in the deal that can’t be ignored: substitution. Titan’s move to Tannehill is designed to avoid a second injury to starting quarterback Marcus mariota, when the team was left unused. But mariotta’s poor performance soon led Titans to decide to change the starting quarterback. Titans made a breakthrough.

Now,Tannehill faces another off-season full of uncertainties. He doesn’t know which team he will play for in the new season. But with the experience of last year’s off-season, Tannehill is quite calm. “Don’t try to anticipate or worry about things you can’t control. Now it’s time to wait. “

Titans has other problems to solve, including deciding whether to renew his contract with running guard derrick Henry. But they also need to consolidate their quarterback position. Although Tannehill did not rely on his passing performance to bring the team into the US championship, his performance was enough to lay the foundation for the team to win.

There are many veteran quarterbacks in this year’s free agent market, and Tannehill is a valuable option. We’ll know where he’s going in two weeks