Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans cut Delanie Walker

Tennessee Titans career of close forward Delanie Walker is coming to an end.

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On Friday, Walker was cut by Titans because he failed to pass the physical examination.

“During my time with Delaney, he kept a good professional attitude and proved himself with data,” said Jon Robinson, Titans’ general manager. He is a leader, team leader, and a respected member of the team. His advice, competitive, professional attitude is what we want all players to learn. I wish him all the best in his future. “

Walker has played only eight games in the past two years, which is not as good as his previous four years of receiving and pushing at least 800 yards.

Walker played for 49 players in the first seven years of his career, receiving 123 times, advancing 1465 yards and reaching the formation 8 times. He played 84 games at Titans, receiving 381 times, advancing 4423 yards, reaching 28 times