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The manager of Atlanta Falcons:Don’t exclude trading in the first round of draft

When the draft is approaching, rumors and false information are flying all over the world, and whether the team will trade in the draft is also a hot topic.

Atlanta Falcons doesn’t rule out a deal in this year’s draft.

The Falcons held the 16th pick in the first round of this year’s draft, and Tom dimitroff, general manager of the team, said an up or down trade was under consideration.

“I think there will be a lot of really interesting moves between 10th and 20th,” Dimitrov said in an interview. “I want to say again that I will never rule out a deal because we are an active team”

“Even so, there will be a situation where, given the depth of some positions this year, this creates opportunities for potential downward trading. Even though I’ve been here for a long time, we’re not very active in trading down the team. But this may be the time to do so this year, you may really consider a down trade and may obviously get two more draft rights in different positions, and then use these draft rights together in another round of up trade. “

After Vic Beasley is determined to leave the team, this will be a key point to strengthen. Since the Falcon’s 2016 season in the super bowl, they have never had a single season with double figures. Last season, the Falcons achieved 28 capture and kill, ranking the second lowest in the league. In addition, Dimitrov also pointed out to strengthen the offensive front. It is believed that the positions of corner guards and running guards also need to be upgraded.

Dimitrov and coach Dan Quinn, who only won 7-9 last season, once again failed to lead the team as expected but remained in office. This year, the outside world will pay special attention to Falcons’ every move. Although there are many good players in the squad, Falcons still has many loopholes to fill, and they currently have only $4.3 million in salary space.

So, whether it’s a trade or not, whether it’s a trade up or a trade down, every decision in the draft is crucial for Dimitrov.